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I guess the buyer wised up and defaulted on paying when this listed on ebay last month or so?

Too funny!

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The outrageous selling price back then was $407 and the seller has an interesting commentary on what transpired about it not selling. However not much detail is given - to be expected I guess??
Check the "WTF" post.

I just tracked the sale and feedback. The sale in March for $400+ was completed, shipped then the lamp apparently returned. Both buyer and seller left gushy feedback for each other.
Also in March the same buyer bought and returned a Mathmos Astro for high $ with postitive feedback all around.
The buyer also paid waaay too much for 2 other lamps in March but I didn't track the sales on those.

Links on the "WTF" string.


Boy do I feel like a it's Friday Goofhead. Ha!
My conclusions were all wrong. I'd have deleted the goof post but with yummy weekend's here head can't figure out how to delete it!

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