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G2Gifts on Ebay - AKA - athakura47 - STAY AWAY!

Not sure what his deal is - he set me up with 4 new midnights in box for 150 shipped. Great price. However I paid him on the 3rd of this month and STILL do not have my lamps. Told me he would ship that monday - the 5th. Never did. Then the week of the 12th he said he would ship that monday, did not. Family issue. Then said he would ship tuesday. Did not. Then said he would ship on Friday. Did not. Got a tracking number in an email Friday and I checked that just now - package was not picked up until Monday the 19th and it is estimated that I won't get it until the 27th. A whole damn month waiting for lamps. Freaking absurd. I will never order from him again and I pray these arrive timely.

What is with people lying and not following through these days? I know if someone paid me 150 bux or any amount - I can't sleep until I know their item/package is in the mail. Usually NEXT DAY it's done unless something is up. Why can't people follow through?

This shit pisses me off. Sorry for the curse.

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I've bought from G2gifts with no problems. They also have great feedback. Shit happens sometimes and it appears shit may have happened in the seller's life during the first 1/2 of May impacting the shipment of your order.
Even though The Waiting sucks the seller sells great lamps. The Wait, whatever the reason may well be worth it when you get your lamps.
I would request the seller refund your shipping cost due to The Wait and Broken Promises.
I know the feeling, fortunately, most of the guys i've bought items off of on ebay have been great and true. Still, you feel nervous as each day passes and.. no lamp(s). I'm sure they'll arrive safe and sound to you (here's hoping). You've been very patient i'm sure. The latest news from ebay is that buyers can no longer receive negative or even neutral feedback. A good idea I think as most buyers are not at fault when transactions go wrong.
i just bought something from him, said he was shipping on a certain day, package never arrived, then received an email from him saying he couldn't find the lamp due to recent storage move and offered to refund my money but i said keep looking for the lamp. seems like a genuine guy to me
I have been very patient. I did send him an email early early this morning asking what the deal is. Never got an answer at this point. I understand people can be going through crap, moving, sickness, boredom and blah blah blah. Understandable. Just stop lying to me. Don't screw around with my time and my money and be HONEST. Also be TIMELY. I did pay promptly and this whole thing is just terrible.

Yeah, DHL is a joke to say the least. I have had to make NUMEROUS trips to their "facility" to pickup my packages because their idiot drivers don't know where I live or don't care. Pisses me off to no end. I don't live in the sticks. It's SUBURBIA! They are a joke.

I will be very pissed if the package shows up looking like crap and packed like crap. I will go off at that point. I will also get my money back. Only issue is, this was done "off of eBay". So no feedback or the like. Everyone here recommended him so I went for it.
Bummer to hear that G2gifts has gone sour and extra bummer to hear that Kris and Bohdan have both been affected by the sourness.

Kris, I hope your transaction will end up being sunshine, lollipops and rainbows with great clear globes...when it ends!

I agree about DHL. They actually told me I didn't get a package because my address, of almost 20 years, didn't exist so I raised H-E-double toothpicks with customer service management who insisted my address didn't exist and my package had already been returned to sender. Then, to teach me a lesson I guess, DHL drove 100 miles round and delivered the package at 2:30 am that night banging loudly at the door to have me sign for a package that did not require a signature. Foolish short sighted arrogance seems to rule supreme at DHL.

I love FedEx.

I hope it's rainbows and lollipops too! I did get my Cranberry globe in today from another seller on ebay. It's cloudy but I have hope it clears up. My purple one is clearing up and so is my yellow. Nicely I might add. So I will be patient in that respect.

Only carrier that seems to get it right here is UPS. Same guy delivers to us all the time. Only time there is a foul up is when he is out sick and some temp guy can't get it right.

DHL contracts it's deliveries out to sub contractors - what I was told by a manager. Said he could do nothing to fix issues as they were not DHL employees. I was like - wow! I also tracked my package from G2 - DHL's website gives nothing but transit locations. No weight, no expected delivery, nothing. I called and asked why and they said it was for security reasons. I was like umm.. ok. Why have tracking then??

Oh well. I have 4 midnights and HOPEFULLY 4 more coming.
The GUY IS FAKE. He told me he has 2 Midnight Centuries NEW (Green & Black) He pulled the same bullshit with me. Sorry I can't ship out today family issues. I said I understand. To make a long story short I never heard anything from him again, thankfully I never paid. I gotta admit he puts up some really nice lamps and I emailed him but I will never get a response. The guy has a sorry excuse for a business. He needs to be off of eBay. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM.
Whose nose who I read the riot act to that night if it wasn't DHL. It was the number on caller id when they left a message that my address didn't exist so would be sending the item back to the shipper.
Ha! It worked. I did get my package delivered.
Well, he has until Tuesday of next week. If my package does not show up then - I will go from there.

I think I am going to stick with the good sellers on eBay. The ones not out to make a killing!
I purchased a blue Wizard off of him about 6 months ago with no problems....it seems like things have changed. I have learned over the years on Ebay to NEVER pay until you email the seller AND get a reply. I have 2 no show lamps for about $50 total over the years...Ebay and Paypal were of no use what so ever in recovering any money or getting any action taken. Tell them you know where they live and your coming for dinner LOL

Good luck, I hope everything works out OK for you.

Yeah, this was the response I got to my email wondering where my things were..

I was away for my son's graduation. Your shipment was lying in my warehouse for 3 days as my employee did not show up. In fact he disappeared with lot of my expensive merchandise. I should not have trusted him. I am back now.

Sorry for the delay in shipping & inconvenience.
I would never deal with him again even if he were giving away lamps.

1. A graduation is a known event not an emergency. How dare him use a known event as an excuse for a month delay. Bunch of crap on that one and it gets worse...
2. He's an excuse filled blamer! I cannot stand blah blah blame blame excuses. Man up. Take responsibility for your actions good or bad and stand to your commitments.



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