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Today was my worst day ever. First of all my pet turtle died. And then some other stuff happened that is not even worth telling. I'm just glad it's almost summer. I love summer. I hope your day went better than mine did. : \

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omg i feel sorry for YOU now lol.
Sorry... What kind of turtle was it??
He was an average box turtle. His name was Michaelangelo.
I've got a 3-toed Eastern Box turtle (carolina triunguis terrapene) that I plucked out of a road in Illinois in 1981. He has lived all over the U.S. with me and acts like a dog. His name is Boris and he looks like this:

I am so sorry you lost your bud Michaelangelo. If there is anything I can so don't hesitate....

So sorry to hear about loss of your friend. Turtles are remarkable beings.

Thank you for posting a pic of your long time buddy Boris.
No on the piles but I am happy to discuss the occasional prolapse.........

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