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HI I NEED (not want) an alien lamp....does anyone know where I can get one? Pretty, pretty please?
--Roberta "Bert"

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Well you can keep checking eBay, also check Craigslist. You can lucky with some sellers because some do ship. Good Luck!
Ditto - Craigslist for $35...........
I think that the lamp I covet is made by Xemu Xeno?
Does that sound right? It has a alien floating in liquid inside.
The alien lava lamp owned by Bohdan is the coolest thing I've ever seen though!!
--Roberta "Bert"

I finally got one!!!!! (I know that it's not a true lava lamp....but it's so cool!!!!)
Now I want an alien lava like Bohdan has! (I'm never happy am I?)
Nice. I knew you were talking about this type of Alien lamp. I think they're pretty cool indeed!

they sell in the Netherlands for 59 euros...





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