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Looking for coloring ideas when making your own wax

Hi all. I just found this site and am looking forward to trying one the DIY recipes to revitalize an old lamp I found at Good Will. I'm looking for a website or other place of information that would give me ideas about creating different wax colors. Specifically, how much die to use per cup of wax.

Truth be told, the holy grail for me would to learn about the coloring once by the GLOW company years ago. I'm told it was called "Trick Blue" and was in clear liquid. The wax was a bright purple at the light and turned a definite bright blue away from the light source. Unfortunately the company that owned Spencer Gifts closed the GLOW division a few years ago. I've not been able to find it online anywhere. A friend of mine as this lamp so I've seen it in person and can verify the color change effect and the clear liquid. He's "willed" the lamp to me :-) but has since moved several states away and I'm getting impatient. Can anyone help me find information about the wax used in the "Trick Blue" lamp?

I would equally appreciate a link to any information that talks about dye ratios/suggestions for mixing your own wax. How to they make the metallic wax I'm staring to see in lamps these days?

Thank you very much in advance for any information this community can provide!

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Thanks! But any idea what shade of color I should use? Is it really just the right amount of blue or do I need to add some red or purple do it?
You are fantastic. Thank you very much for the assistance! No one in my area seems to carry a selection of tapered candles anymore so I'll have to try the candle blocks and dye. I suppose my next question would be the bulb. I've read in other forums the recommendation to use only frosted bulbs in lava lamps. Is that just to keep the wax color truer to the intent or is there some other purpose behind the recommendation? Thanks!

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