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Ok, so after I had got up off the floor from laughing SO much, i thought i'd share this listing with you:-


Check out the buy it now price!!

Has the world gone insane!!! :)

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what a complete f*cking con artist. Pink's the easiest colour to get. And i saw one in a charity shop the other day for £8 and only passed it up 'cos i have a pink already.
maybe it was in minority report. in the background. in a cupboard. under the stairs. the door of which appears on screen for 0.1 seconds
lol, nice one!
stop taking the 'p' john. come on, i'm not slagging them off, merely having a laugh!
it is pretty funny though, I have to agree, lol
Couldn't believe this one when I saw it. He he

Yes someone's having a larf! i really did Lol!
You have to lower the tone, lol
no, thats OK, i sort of slid as opposed to fell
oi, he's not for you lol lol
an even bigger larf if you look at what their other items are:

Now thats funny
Lol good spot!

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