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I think it would be great if the OG Donor group had a cool/clever/funny name. This is a call out there to all you "creatives" to see what we can come up with. Any ideas off the bat?


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try me. unless they are tooooo vulgar.
Yeah, I was thinking something based on goo - we already have GooHeads, but that is for all lava lamp fans.

How about:
Keepers of the Goo ...ahhh, not so much.

we could play off of philantropy, benefactor, sponsor, donor, supporter...

OGs (Original Ganstas)
OGD just the abbreviation for Oozing Goo Donor...
I'll keep working on it.
oh, like "deep pockets"?
but that makes me think of Daddy Warbucks or whatever his name was from Annie.
Yes i think it should be......

Goo + bs = pretty much describes all of us!
I like it. We could even give ourselves a Goob nickname, like um, Goobers!
We could even offer Bubs the job of Head Goober!
I volunteer to be the Goobs mascot Toto.

Translation for our friends across the pond:
bs = bull shit(ters)
Very good!

About 5 of us were brainstorming in chat a few hours ago and these are the good ones that came out of it - at least the ones I could remember:

Blob Masters
Lava Lovers
Goo Givers
and completely tounge in cheek: Lava Avengers.

Keep 'em coming people - and we'll do a poll once all the nominations are in.
Goobs/Goobers didn't make your list! I'm crushed.
I want to be a Goober!
The Do Goobers
Goobs is definitely on the list.
the list i posted was from the chat session brainstorm with lavabubbles, astrobaby, djtrev, jerome and myself.... was anyone else there? I can't recall, it was a bit chaotic.
The Do Goo-ders
The Benevolent Lava Oooozing Benefactors Society better known as the B.L.O.B.S.

or how about

The Ooooooozing Goo Benefactors and Lava Junkies Global Consortium

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