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Hi......I have just bought a Lunar in e-bay a few weeks ago. Paid a pretty penny for it and it arrived with the top badly dented. Picture attached. Could any memebrs advise :

(1) Best way to get dents out as there is quite a few ?
(2) Know if any caps for sale ? ( Know this is a long shot ! )

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi ken,
i have a lunar cap for sale-please contact me via email.
hey man,

i agree with astrobaby, the best place to take it would be an auto repair place, they have the best tools for getting small dents that have not creased the metal, All you can do is ask, they will be able to point you in the right direction!
thats some bad denting going on there you def need to get a re-fund! maybe for a half re-fund you will get to keep the lamp
Many thanks for the help from all the members. Appreciate it. I am going to take advce & go see a specialist panel beater or silver smith to see if he can do a job on the cap. When I get it done I will post pictures on the web for the finished Lunar lamp ! I hope :-)

Thanks again for the help from your posts.


Tony, Could you tell me how much you are looking for the Lunar lamp cap. My e-mail is klawler@indigo.ie if you want to drop me a line I would appreciate it, Regards, Ken
no-one in their right mind would offer a half refund for a lunar just on the basis of the cap being dented, its relatively simple to sort out and the lamp is worth too much.
if someone wanted a refund bad enough, the seller could have it back and give a full refund, or maybe knock a bit off for the money you'd have to spend to fix the cap, but i doubt it would be alot.
do you think you could post a pic of your lunar and not just the cap : D i wanna see how good the rest of the lamp is
Is this a Lunar Comment ? Fly me to the moon :-)
me too! lol
looking forward to the pics, shame the cap is dented but once its fixed it will look SO cool, i love my lunars!!
you could try taking it to a car repair shop.. maybe they can repair it for a couple bucks..
Tony........Did you get my e-mails.......? Ken

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