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My Century has a lot of black gunk on the coil so I am going to clean it , the cap came off nicely(had it in warm water)now I have cleaned the coil how do empty the wax out to clean the glass, its has a film on it. I am afraid the wax will get mixed up almost like being shook up help ......

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Let the globe fully cool so that the lava hardens. Then pour the liquid out into another clean container. Usually the wax, though hardened, is still loose in the bottom of the globe so to prevent it from knocking around in the globe while I pour off the liquid I will hold the wax in place with a long probe that reaches the bottom of the globe.

After the liquid is poured off you can melt the wax by placing the globe in a double boiler or something else that allows the globe to be heated without subjecting the glass to direct contact to the heat source. 

Let the wax fully melt and then pour it off into a clean glass jar. Now you can remove the coil and either clean it or if it is rusty replace it. Lowe's stocks a spring that is perfect for a coil.

After you have cleaned your globe and replaced the coil, the trick to pouring the wax back in without making a mess is to affix a piece of a thin hose to the end of a funnel that just reaches to the bottom of the globe. Pour your wax in and when the wax hardens pour the liquid back in. Fire it up and see if all runs well.

Ok followed your directions ,heating up as we type but I dont know if its my eyes playing tricks or is the fluid lower,only thing I did a little different was that I took a paint filter to filter some dark particles out.Which worked great for both fluid and warm wax. Anyway what is the dark junk on the coil ,after all its a closed bottle.(I have a curious mind I guess) Thank You for the help

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