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I got a lava brand red glitter wizard on CL as a gift for my girlfriend for Christmas, it has "Lava" on the base of it. Recently I saw another on CL which looked the same, or so I thought, upon closer inspection the base did not say "lava" and appears to be a bit wider so it sits lower than the previous one, it also has a deeper red tone and smaller pieces of glitter. Both globes have lava brand caps on them and appear to be of equal quality, and both say "made in Chicago IL" on the rim of the cap.

Are these just from different productions? Is one more rare or desirable?


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Pretty much just different eras slightly, there is also some globes that have a slightly different shape if glitter in them. All are just minor variations.


Tha'ts pretty much what I figured though of course I was hopping for a hidden gem, not bad for $25 for the both of them.

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