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So the new Beatles lamp are on the LL website. They are up a little early since all of their social media pointed to a Sept. 1 release date. There are 7 total, including a couple glitters, and they are $29.99 each. Who's going to be getting one or maybe all? I would love to get them all since I am a fan of the Beatles, but don't know about them all being 14.5". I wish they were bigger. What does everyone think??? Yay or nay?

Lava Lamp 2015 The Beatles Collection

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Well, for me it's a Nay.  I am not a fan of the newer LL china lamps and ESPECIALLY NOT the 14 inch ones.  I have bad enough luck with the 52's, but I just think the 14 oz'ers have terrible flow.  There just isn't enough room in those globes to achieve the flow I like.  I even goo kitted one for experimental purposes and although it was a better flow, it still wasn't what I wanted.  Also, I don't like anything on my globes cept maybe for the rainbow.  I think it just distracts from me enjoying the flow.  And lastly, I don't like the shrink wrapped bases.  I think they look cheap.  Now I may take a try at one of their glitter lamps, but just not a big enough fan to warrant getting one of the Beatles lamps.  Not that I don't like them mind you, I do have a lot of their songs downloaded to my iTunes, but they just aren't at the top of my fab 5 list.  So Nay for me.  I do think it would make a nice set for a beatles lover/lava collector, if you are doing it merely from a collector's point of view.  If it's for the enjoyment of watching the flow, I think one might be disappointed.

Yeah, the 14.5 inch lamps have no appeal to me either, except for the glitter maybe.  I love the base designs but the globes with the designs right in the MIDDLE OF THE VIEWING AREA?!? are distracting from the lava.

This looks nice though, if you turn the globe:

Picture of 14.5" Magical Mystery Tour Lava Lamp with Tri-Colored Globe Picture of 14.5" Yellow Submarine "Sea of Holes" Lava Lamp with Star Shaped Silver Glitter & Clear Liquid

I really like the glitter as well. However, I loved yellow submarine growing up. May need to get those! I just don't know

I would possibly consider the glitter......not too much can go wrong with that and after all, I don't mind my 5 below glitter all that much cept for maybe the fact it is super slow......the one thing I do like about the series lamps is they do look nice grouped together on display.....like the safari series and the psych swirls look awesome grouped together!!!

I saw these in person at L.L last week.....wished they were a larger size.  The new glitter formula looks good for those of you who are really into glitter.

Critter, can you tell more more about LL headquarters. I'm guessing they have a retail store inside? Regular business hours or special appointment only? Thanks!

Actually there isn't much "Retail Presence".  Just inside the front door there is a room that is basically a conference room and there are a bunch of white shelves in there.  On the shelves are a lot of different current production lamps and even some stuff that "almost made production".  For example last week there were some of the "Star Frosted" bottles in there that had blue fluid and white wax.....didn't make production but the Blue Glitter filled one did.  There was also a white Clearview that had a Pink Fluid / Orange Wax bottle that I really liked.....didn't make production.  The white Clearview hardware has been made but that bottle didn't make it.  Apparently now days Lava makes some examples and then lets buyers for Spencer's, Walmart, Target, etc decide what will get produced by saying "yes we'll buy that model....or no we won't buy that model, etc".  I understand why they do it that way.....but I wouldn't want to do it like that.  I'd want to create the stuff and then say "this is our new line up....pick from these options".

In the area of this conference room is the "Lava Lounge"...some funky colorful chairs (that I just love) and a large white column that is Lava Lamp shaped.  There are a few more lamps (some vintage) on display in that area.  These handful of vintage lamps (one is an Aladdin) were not there last year but look nice.  Beyond that is a "cube farm" where Susan Michaels and others sit and there are some actual offices that surround the cubes.   Inside these various offices there are other interesting lamps on display.  Sadly they do not have a "Lava Museum" with their entire history....that would be quite cool.   The whole office area is fairly small over all. Behind the office area there is the large warehouse area.  Last year Jim and I went there with our wives and had the "Lava Tour" which was fun.  We saw the lab where bottle contents are experimented with, it too was small and not much like a "real lab".  

Back then we even saw a prototype of the "Double Play" lamp which is now on display in that front conference room.  The Double Play is a sort of fat and squatty looking lamp with a central column of Lava and the outer area of the bottle is glitter filled.  The lamp is larger than a 52oz and smaller than a Grande'.  Kinda neat....I think it will be available soon.

I'd plan ahead and call Susan Michaels and let her know you'd like to visit and buy a lamp she'll take good care of you.  Perhaps you can request a tour too.  I had not planned on going by there last Friday but then decide to go so I called at about 8 AM and Susan was fine with me coming by to buy some stuff but said to hurry because she was only there that day until 1 PM.  Calling ahead is important if you ask me because they are really not there for retail purposes.  I probably could have ordered both of these lamps from Amazon for less money but then dealt with returns if they came cloudy or defective.  By buying there I was able to open the boxes and look at all before leaving and Susan was there too to verify that the lamps were correct.  We both thought it was a good idea to check them before I left since I was taking them back to TX with me.  

I think all wax heads should go by if they can but Chicago is a good haul away from a lot of the country so I understand that many can't easily get there.

That sounds awesome. Thanks for the info!

Crit, I'm getting ready to gear up and buy the 50th Anniversary Grande soon!!!  In your honest GOOHEAD opinion, do you think I would be better off ordering it directly from LL HQ even if I have to pay a bit more (they are offering free shipping on orders over 60.00), possibly, would it be rude to give Susan a call and tell her I am a fellow OG member who desparately wants a grande (1st one owned EVER) shipped and could she check it out b4 it leaves the building), although that might not be a good idea, because if it leaves clear as a bell, she may think i'm not truthful if it arrives cloudy? 


P.S.  Was quite surprised that my black/orange made the trip from Ohio, in not bad shape.  It did have a slight haze to it, but after running it last night for about 8 hours, it does seem to be clearing.....cept for the crap globe, i'm surprised it didn't look like milk with the temps being as warm as they are, so maybe there is hope afterall in having my grande shipped!!!


OR, Amazon?  I'm really not thrilled with Amazon and was even hacked credit card wise from them a few years back when I never even ordered from them.....I think I answered my own question here...but do you honestly think I have a better chance of a good one from LL?  I can't drive there.  I'm in south jersey...well, I could, but it would have to be like an expensive vacation for me (staying overnight, arranging for dog sitting, bla, bla, bla) oh forget dogsitting, the pittie and german shepherd are quite ALOOF....ok, ok, i'm rambling....


I also figure LL will stand by their warranty.....should something be wrong...GOD I wish I could get one of these up close and personal....called Spencer's, they don't have grandes in the 50th, even online....

P.S.  Was quite surprised that my black/orange made the trip from Ohio, in not bad shape.  It did have a slight haze to it, but after running it last night for about 8 hours, it does seem to be clearing.....cept for the crap globe, i'm surprised it didn't look like milk with the temps being as warm as they are, so maybe there is hope afterall in having my grande shipped!!!  The only reason I'm keeping it is the flow isn't 1/2 bad and i'm backlighting it, so you really can't notice those stars as bad.  I put the scratch on the side I don't view it from more off to the side...terrible we have to go through this but I'm afraid if I go with another it may be perfect globe with crap flow.....uuugghhh


Back to the Beatles lamps (hence a separate post)....Is that design painted on the glass or is it stickered?  I'm assuming it is painted like the Bob Marley lamps?  One never knows with the newer stuff what they are doing.....because if it is a sticker I would just peel it off, lol!!!  Dumb question I guess....I do like those couple glitters.....and also, I'm thinking if they go on sale down the road, could one buy 2 and do a transplant into a 32 oz?  I wonder if the formula is toxic like the old stuff?  Does one have to gear up in a hazmat suit should they want to do a transplant project like that......might not even look bad in a 52 oz...wink...wink....


About the Beatles Lamps.....honestly they are of NO interest to me at all for a couple of reasons so I didn't look that closely at them they were on one of the upper shelves and I glanced at them, saw the small size and moved on.  Also, I don't like anything printed on a bottle (like the Marley lamps or Mathmos 50th Anniversary Lamp) it gets in the way of the wax which to me is the purpose of the lamp.  If I had to guess I'd say it is printed in some fashion because I think a sticker would have popped out to me as looking bad.  They don't look bad to me....I love the spotted base on one of them.  I just don't like the small, small lamps much......vintage Consorts excluded there.

I don't know about asking Susan to check the lamp because really if  you are ordering from Lava's website or via phone the processed order goes straight to the shipping/warehouse out back.....Susan would have no involvement with orders like that.  I do know that if there is a problem and you call her she will take care of you.  She has ALWAYS taken very good care of me when I ordered from them directly.  But going by in person she is the person out front who you will be talking to if you visit.  

I think that it is entirely possible that the 50th Grande is available only through Lava website.....wouldn't surprise me.  I don't think they have limited production on that lamp per se but I suspect it will be the lowest production of the 50th lamps simply because most Lava buyers are not going Grande'.  I wouldn't be afraid to order from them directly and face shipping.  If you have questions pre-purchase give Susan a call or email and enquire with your "what if" questions.

Carol, if you contact Susan ask her about the stock level and if she sees Christmas availablity for the 50th Grande she should know that one.  I bet it will be fine to wait a bit for cooler temps and funds if needed.

No 20z lamps for me!!...LOL

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