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When I left for work this morning I put my new 50th Anniversary Grande' globe on one of my Heritage Grande' bases and fired it up for its first run.

I got home about 1/2 hour ago and found it flowing.  The clarity is perfect and the colors are just spectacular.  As I mentioned in another thread the glass quality is just great so I am really pleased with the lamp.  I will have to unpack the 50th Anniversary Base and run the lamp as intended to fully evaluate the lamp but the globe flows nicely on the Heritage base.  I suspect the flow will be a tad more active on the intended base but on the Heritage base the flow is relaxed, oozy and goes between nice stretching and some blobbing.....it's nice varied flow.

Here are a couple pics and the color in the pics is pretty representative of the lamp in person, though in person it is a bit more intense.  Really, the color is spectacular and there is a neat 3 Dimensionality to the globe because of the amazing clarity of the fluid.

I gotta recommend this globe highly!

I will probably post a video later when I have it on its Anniversary base but for now here are some pics:

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Wow looking amazing. This is the quality people have been craving for so long. True to their great heritage.
Great appraisal by the way. This lamp has single handedly restored my faith in LL. It looks amazing, great pics by you to capture its clarity and awesomeness!

I agree, great pics. I just uploaded some pics of mine, not nearly as nice as yours. Can't capture the vibrancy that yours possess.

Thanks Mod and Sparty! These are nice lamps for sure. Rainbow should have had a dimmer though or lower bulb placement.

Im super happy with my 50th Grande too! I just love it! I like the P/Y but Im a clear/red junkie in any lamp!...LOL. So I would rather have the clear/red! I'm gonna hold off on the rainbow Grande rumor has it Im gonna get one for Christmas!...LOL

Bill, Im ready see some pics of that B/Y Humongo!!

Ok sounds good! I hope I can get my hands on a Humongo someday but i know my chances are slim! I did see a clear/black on ebay about two years ago for $300! But it was on the other side of the country for me in downtown Seattle. I'm sure it went quick!!

Critter said:

Tim. I am ordering a new dimmer for my wood tone Humongo base tonight. This is the base that flooded when my Colossus blew up so I want to replace the dimmer before use. As soon as I am done I am firing it up....pics will follow.

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