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Could not pass them up. I heard about "Agnus" and the fact that all her teeth had to be pulled because of gingivitis. They say she is two years old but she is way to small and has too much energy for that. I peg her at 1. The other cat we picked up is Simon. He is funny and already playing. They are both spoiled.

Agnus (soon to be re-named Storm) looks like a gray bengal cat with white tipped paws. She has no teeth and her tongue sticks out just a little because of it. Too cute. We got her because she was at Petsmart for a while and we knew she would be a hard adoption so we debated and decided to get her. Simon I loved because of his color and personality.

Here are a couple pictures of "Agnus" (Storm) - Isn't she cute?



Here is a bad picture of Simon. He is having too much fun playing under the bed so I will upload some more pics when I can. New pics!

Simon Relaxing


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Where are the pics?
Was working on them - sorry.
Thanks for sharing!
Bohdan- Yeah. Simon has been returned once already. The person that adopted him before said he was sick but he really did not want him so he made up an excuse. When he was returned, he was really thin like he was never fed. Very sad. So far all the kitties are doing good. They are happy and running around.


Lol. I don't have any lamps out. I usually don't keep any on display. Cats are really good so far. They only broke a grande so far :)
What a pair of beautiful cats,so cute.
I'm about to adopt a new furbaby myself, Kris. Congrats to you & the newest furbabies!
Thanks everyone. They all seem to be adjusting nicely. All making friends slowly but surely.

Vixen- Really? Post some pics after you get him/her.

Blind- They are hilarious. I have a couple of pics I will post up of them in a few.
Updated pics - now you can see Simon! :)
Thanks a bunch. Upon further thought and discussion, Agnes is going to keep her name. Storm just does not fit her. Agnes works better :)
Very cool... I'm a sucker too. I got my current dog and former cat from shelters - I often sit and wonder "who rescued who" anyway? Know what I mean?
Yeah, I am used and abused all the time. Lol. I think they know they are loved and have a good home. I have sadly seen animals that are from bad homes and were treated horrible. They cower in fear and know nothing else. Extremely sad.
They're really beautiful cats. I just love Kitties!

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