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Just announced on FB: the Mathmos Editions !!!

After their new copper Heritages there will be a new product coming soon.

What could it be ???

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Exciting times. I wonder what it will be?

Personally, I wouldn't mind new luxury LED products (I regret not buying the Mathmos Blimp and the Blob & Flow LED-based products back when they were easily available from their on-line shop).

But of course I couldn't be much happier if it is a completely new lavalamp :-)

Only one way to find out, I suppose... keep on waiting ;)

Lunars would be cool...

I wonder, just wonder, surely not.......

They are going to buy some of Lava's Chinese production overstock....stick a Mathmos badge on 'em and have a new value line called "editions".  I hope you all know I'm just joking!

Seriously I hope like ATB is saying a reissue of some cool lamps from the past.  Jets, Lunars...Fluidiums or as I suggested earlier this year......some of those Facebook give away editions will probably have made production.  That is my guess some of those give aways earlier this year are going to hit the street!  That will be sweet if I am right.

OK, looks like they bring up some wood and marble finishd astros...
An Astro in wooden look and an Astro in swirl optik! :-)
I hope they do more than this.....how about the glass one? How about the mirror finish bottle?
Mmmmh, im not so attracted to the marble finish, but the wooden one could be nice if the paint job is of a good quality, especially the texture of the wood. It would be cool, if Mathmos bring a completely new lamp, especially something bigger - almost all new lamps were variations of their Astro. But they are a small company, also is their market. So introducing a complete new lamp and building up a new production line is a risky decision. I think this is the reason why we never ever will see such a lamp like the lunar again. Its all about cost effiecency - think about the plastik bottom of their lamps (which i honestly hate). But its almost better to have a small lineup of high quality products rather than a lot of mass produced china crap. And quality of their lamps is the best i have seen yet!

just ordered the marble one  :)

Uhhhhh, looking great  ...

Ordered both! Cant wait!

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