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I was wondering if anyone out there has a base like the one on the right in the picture.  The one on the left is the typical Century base.  Gold tone with a smooth finish.  The one on the right is a richer, darker gold and the finish seems to be applied thicker than the one on the left.  It is a bit textured.  All I know about the darker base is that I received it with a shipment of two Century lamps I bought on eBay in a single auction.  I don’t know which one it came with since both lamps were in the same box.  One of the globes was dated Sept. 1976.  There is obviously a 50/50 chance this is the globe it was matched with, assuming it is original to the pair at all.  I just don’t know.  I took the bottom off the base.  There was nothing unusual, no writing or labels were found.  It has a Leviton switch on the power cord.  Except for the finish, it looks like any other Century base that I have seen.  Does anybody know anything about this base?  It is unique and looks very rich when paired with a clear globe.

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my guess si that it simply has a thicker lacquer coat on it

That would be my initial guess as well.  Production sometimes differs from year to year.  But, maybe there is more to it than that.  Somebody might know and we will both learn something about this base.  Thanks for taking a look at the post.

I have several different vintage bases and no two are the same since they would have been hand lacquered in that era, so I really doubt that it is anything besides a heavier coating of lacquer on one and not the other.

Thanks again.  I don't have that many to compare to so you are probably correct in your observation.  That's what I love about this place.  Seems like everybody has something to offer.

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