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Nothing new since October to speak of... heard of anything good coming up soon?

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Mathmos are in the making of a new lamp larger than the astro it's expected for the end of the year if not early 2015 and I know there's a very limited number of custom bottles going to go on sale in the coming weeks , but very limited ............

There is supposed to be a anniversary lamp coming soon for LL. No clue on when but I think this summer if Im not mistaken.

sheesh.   well what can you do but wait?

feels likes forever since the heritages were unveiled.   gotta be something coming soon.  

Still waiting for LL to reveal a 50th anniversary lamp.  

Does anyone have any idea of what the design of the larger mathmos will be like? Lunar bottle, grande like bottle, or something else.  This is very exciting! There's a video of a grande filled with mathmos wax, and it is absolutely stunning.  For LL I would love to see a run of USA made and filled bottles.

Oh Keith, you're so witty!!!!  You are one who can always crack a smile on my face!!!!  Looks like you may have a better chance of Carol GOO KITTING a LL 50th Anniversary Lamp, Haaaaaa!!!!  My new job:  move to Chicago, work for LL goo'ing!!!!!

i just ordered another green yellow grande just to have something to look forward to... yikes

Is there a new rumored large Mathmos on the horizon?

I have no clue, but I'm really hoping! I would love a lunar bottle lamp, even if the base isn't as beautiful as the lunar.

I have no idea critter, guess i need to keep my ear to the ground more. 

A larger astro would be amazing though but I somehow think it would be very simmiler to a grande yes it would be Mathmos so the quality would be there but no ground braking or new ish design. 

I hope as well that LL make a decent 50th edition lamp or range of not just stickers on a 32oz as that would be a let down.

Critter said:

Is there a new rumored large Mathmos on the horizon?

I just went to spencers and they have some new lamps. A clear view in blue. And neons with colored bases. I like clear view, but I want to see one on display first. You never know what the flow will be like

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