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Hey guys and girls been a long time... so ill jump right in I VERY recently got my hands in a atlantis wave machine and am already looking to sell, wondering what the going market is these days and if anyone is interested and so on. Ill probably just be doing eBay with it but figured id drum up some interest here first. thanks and if any one has any questions feel free to ask...

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That's one of the more rare wave machines and a few years ago, they were going for hundreds. Not sure what the market is now. There's a guy on here - Hughes Wave Machines - if you can find him and contact him, he might be able to tell you what the going rate, and/or be interested in buying it. 

Yeah I've spoke to him a few times... I remember when he started he's venture we discussed a few techniques on how to produce the vessel part of the wave machines. And yeah I remember a few years ago a series of a few of the large wave machines hit eBay and went for 1600-1800 dollars.

What Erin said

His website is wavemotionmachines.com as well, if you can't get a hold of him here.

I would love to buy the machine from you, would go well with the Pacifica, but I unfortunately couldn't display it properly and my wife might have something to say about me buying it, haha!

If you end up HAVING to donate it, , I will give you my address+shipping+hush money to help out and keep the wife at bay.

I sold an Atlantis wave machine on Ebay several years ago NM with box for $1,250

Not sure what the current market value is but it will be interesting to find out :)

I sold my Pacifica wave machine 2 years ago for $2,000 cash.

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