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The heat from the bulb makes it move pretty cool stuff!

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Looks interesting.

Tell us more!

I just used rherspoic fluid and added water to it. Pretty simple, I would love to see if Hughes can used this stuff for his wave machine fluid.

You mean those little junkie mystic cloud lamps? I have one already, they are really small 8 oz size and require batteries.. This fluid comes in concentrate so a little goes a long way, plus I have a bunch of empty globes and bases laying around and I figured why not,

lol, I think he was making a joke about cloudy china LL lava globes.

Oh lol!! Well he does have a point I guess lol well this is the way a cloudy lamp should look.

Lol ha I was going to say the same thing. Nothing new, LL has been making cloud lamps for years! Hahahahahahahah

I have a grande globe I mite try this

What was your ration of water to fluid?

Not sure but you can over do and it would have no effect.

I may have to make one of these....seems kinda neat

it really is neat they use this fluid to show the flow of current in liquids its called rheroscopic fluid

I think it looks cool! Does it always stay moving? What is rheroscopic fluid and where did you get it?

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