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I don't know what it is about the winter months that make me want to buy more lava lamps, but today I found myself ordering a 50th Anniversary model from Spencer Gifts. I wanted to see what you all think of this model and if any of you have any direct experience with it:


I do realize there's a good chance that this lamp will be crap. I know they usually arrive cloudy and usually don't flow after the first couple of uses. But I did feel like maybe this one would be different. If it works out, I'm going to give my kitted one to my son, and keep the new one for my desk.

It takes a lot for a lamp to earn its rightful place by my side at my desk. At this point I have gotten rid of almost all my non-working lamps that I didn't feel like kitting, and I just have the one 1997 Lava Lite model that I goo kitted last year. The thing is, I just don't like the goo from the goo kits. It's not the same look as Lava Lite lava, even if they don't use the same stuff anymore. I want to see if I can get lucky again and get a good working un-messed with Lava Lite.

So have any of you seen this lamp in action or owned this model? Anyone have any luck with these? There's only one review on Spencer's site, and it's a good on, but I don't trust that for a second. Lava Lite's stuff just really sucks these days.

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I have a 52 oz 50th that I'm willing to sell. I've run it once and its nice and clear. Hit me up if your interested.

So......my shipment from Spencer has been in FedEx hell all week and then got transferred over to USPS. I'm concerned about what condition it will arrive in after being in cold trucks and warehouses for a week. Not optimistic.

Amazon was not much better

First two shipments were form California to Illinois and took nearly a week

Third time it was fast (3 days) and from Charleston,Tennessee to Illinois

Mine started in Ohio via FedEx (coming to Illinois), spent 2 days in Wisconsin, and then was handed off to USPS yesterday. And once USPS has something, you can never seem to track it or get any kind of status on it until it hits your front door. Luckily I work from home, so it won't have to sit out in the cold on the porch when it gets here. But I just think this many days "in transit" in the cold weather wreaks havoc on lava lamps. Makes me a little nervous.

Claude J said:

Amazon was not much better

First two shipments were form California to Illinois and took nearly a week

Third time it was fast (3 days) and from Charleston,Tennessee to Illinois

same here -working form home

Fortunately this little one-horse town postal worker rings the bell for me, since I alerted her things I buy are suspectable to freezing.

Hi guys, I just need to know will any of these 50th anniversary lamps be making their way to these shores (UK) any time soon? We do already get standard Grandes, 32ozers, premiers, etc.

doubtful, as they production run in completed and not to be revisited again per the peeps @Lava Lite
the Lamps that in stock out therewith vendors is all there is left

Erin said:

Can anyone with the 50th Anniv. lamps check and see if they have specks/gunk in the coil/wax? Both my Heritage Grandes ended up with this problem and it's so disappointing. 

Yes, bought one back in Oct that has recently developed this issue...

Lamp just showed up--base and cap look really nice in my opinion. Liquid is a nice shade of purple, but incredibly cloudy. It's also very cold and has clearly been jostled around a lot in shipping. I'm going to give it the afternoon to get up to room temperature and get settled before I freak out about the cloudiness.

Chris, I would say the chances of it clearing up are slim but it might. Good luck!

Yep--this lamp is going back. I thought having it sit for a couple of days would at least partially fix the cloudiness, but I think it might actually be getting worse. It's so cloudy you can barely see the lava.

I am going to take it to a store and inspect boxes until I find a good one. I know they probably won't have the 50th models, but whatever. It will be a shame to give up this globe though--it was a really nice one--almost completely flawless.
The 50 Anniversary Grande is AMAZING. I have had mine since last summer and is is just perfect I recommended it to several members here who are also thrilled with theirs after receiving them. I think that they are available through Amazon.com still. I don't know why but they seem to be gone from lavalite.com now.

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