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I was bored tonight, so I decided to try to fix my Grande Glitter filled Jet bottle that I screwed up by adding some food coloring that mixed really bad.


Really ugly!

So first, I went thru many coffee filters to recover the glitter, and remove the biggest particules of dye.

Some of the coloring was still in the liquid, but it's better:

Then I used my gravity filter:

Yeah! that's what I call clear!

Now, still have to wash the glitter with the help of (again) many coffee filters and:


Back to life! :-)

The lesson of this post: never dye directly in the bottle even if you assume it should work.

If you screw up, don't worries, you could alway fix it, especialy if you're bored and you have some time to spare ;-)

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Thats cool! Looks great!

Good to know... I tried dying an extra yellow to green last night and the glitter clumped up and liquid clouded. But may still be salvageable. I was considering dumping it. Thanks for posting!

Wow, that's impressive!  Great job!


I've painted the bottom of the bottle blue/green (Living Jewel style):

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