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Bottle cleaning tip maybe some of you don't do but works like charm!

To All,

I have cleaned lots of bottles in the past few weeks in my new found hobby lol.

My first two steps are cut a standard brill pad with soap (comes soaped) in half then use a plastic rod cut from a hanger to clean the inside of the globe. I do this twice. Then I cut a soft sponge in half and and use same hanger to clean the inside of the bottle. I do this twice as well. Then I rinse with luke warm to cool water until all bubbles are gone and water is crystal clear.

See attached photo for the last step I have been doing and it's amazing how well it work.

After the bottles are poured clean of all water, there is always going to be water residue on the interior of the bottle even if it's not obvious. I thought to myself, how I can get that residuel water and vapor out without much fuss. One might think just let it air dry. Well that works but has left some haze on the interior of the bottle. This has not happened since my little trick.

Take some good quality paper towels like BOUNTY (I get the ones that allow you to pull a smaller sheet off when needed). Take only ONE small smell and evenly roll into a nice loose cylinder.

Slowly insert into the bottle about half way down trying to keep the paper towels dead center so it does not rub on the interior and leave lint.

Leave for 1 to 2 days. I have found that for smaller bottles 1 day works fine. Larger bottles maybe 2 days is needed. The paper towel acts as a wick and will absorb the remaining water residue leaving a crystal clear bottle. It have done this for 20oz bottles, 32oz bottles, 52oz bottle. I did the same for my grande but had to roll more until it fill snuggly into the bottle opening.

I am not sure if anyone does this but let me tell you, thus far it works great. The next morning the paper towel is moist and the bottle in nice and dry inside.

Keith, thank you for the trade :)

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Oh, one last thing, I DO NOT leave the bottles in direct sun. Just in a room with normal light and away from windows.

There are also some typos in the original post that I could not edit for some reason :p

You are most welcome.  Those bottles are a heck of a lot cleaner than when I sent them!  Great tip on the paper towel trick too, air drying them here didn't do much.

Yes, they are crystal clean now only took about 10 minutes per bottle. Interesting on the different bottle plugs. The one I have has plastic, one you send me has a white rubber plug, one of the others has a gray thicker rubber plug lol.

I hope the tip helps everyone out :)

These home brewing tools come in handy as well

 Especially the one that attaches to the cordless drill

I use the one on the left with a drill works great.

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