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OK, so we have all seen it on the news, lightbulbs as we know it are being phased out, so I thought a little brainstorming was in order, what else can we use to power our lava lamps? Solar power? Fan powered lava lamps? Or should I just set fire to a hamster and trap it under my Astro?

It is quite a serious worry in my brain...

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yeah, you and i both!
That's they way my lava looked when I used too much surfactant. It looks a lot cooler if it has that much room to move around though.
We are trying to think of a universal screw in system but there are so many different style bases. Like I said below we will figure it out before incandescent bulbs are completely outlawed.
Non taken. But so I better understand what do you mean by "floopy"? The look, flow, color? Maybe it is something we can alter.


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