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Candle Pigment For Goo Kit's?? Yes/No/Maybe? Lamp Restoration

Hey all! While I'm new to Oozing Goo I have been a collector for a bit and have several Vintage lamps I have collected and restored. I love my MagmaTower Goo Kits and have now restored over a dozen lamps using their products with FANTASTIC results!! Primarily I collect only Vintage lamps but have also "rescued" some contemporary lamps in need of restoration from Craigslist/Thrift Shops and friends lol.

Thus far I have only been using the pigments I purchased from MagmaTower but I have some ideas on amazing color schemes for new projects. Does anyone know if Goo Kit's are compatible with any/all wax dye pigment flakes? Has anyone ever used said pigments successfully or is it not to be advised? Also, does anyone have experience using the Mica Pigment type wax dyes for a pearlized goo??

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I just ordered a refill of Goo and Surf from MagmaTower and asked Richard to email me at his convenience to answer me about these pigment concerns...but I also wanted to see what y'all have to say.

- Kate 

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I know a member here that get a pigment from China to make metallics, but not sure of the vendor.??

I recently tried Mica pigments but they do not dissolve adequately in the goo.

They leave a residue behind in the globe as well

Perhaps a different brand would work?

I used this:https://www.ebay.com/itm/10g-Cosmetic-Grade-Natural-Mica-Powder-Pig...

Perhaps an automotive grande for paints would work>?

Candle dye, either chips or liquid, have been used successfully.

Mica has been tried for different reasons with poor results noted, specifically remaining at the bottom of the globe and not mixing with the wax.

Silver sharpies have been used to make metallic goo.  It occurs to me that using a small amount might give a pearlescent effect without changing the color much. 

See here for reference to metallic goo:


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