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While wandering around the local thrift store I stumbled across a like new 52 oz. Aristrocrat. I threw it in my cart, turned the corner and the thing fellout. It fell about 3" landed top first and only cracked/busted the gold top. Brought it home and found the Sep. 1977 sticker and realized these old tops actually seal the globe.  My question:  does anyone have one of these old tops laying around.  Don't care what color, although gold would cool!More than happy to pay for a decent cap ( one piece 8)Thanks a million,WillyB. 

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Good luck in your search. It will almost impossible to find just the cap. :( You could always plug the hole with a rubber stopper, then get a cheap 52oz. lava lamp from Spencers and use the aluminum non-screw cap for your Aristocrat (paint it gold). That's going to be your best bet, I think. 

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