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When were they made? Because I just got them cheap, and not sure.

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I assume they were made in the 90's - I can't see them in my 90's Mathmos leaflets - they manly have dule colour combos.

It was definitely mass made as there were lots of clear combos made during this time - red and clear is relatively common with the clear / ... lamps in this time.

How do I know if it's from the 90's, or is it just an faded violet/yellow red?

Good question - from looking from the info on flow flava it seams it may be a faded violet red check this out.  http://www.imovatedesign.co.uk/astro/2000.html

Oh no! Did I get ripped off?

As long as it flows ok, is clear / not cloudy and your happy with it then no you didn't get ripped off

One of my favourite lamps is a clear / orange - this could have been a faded one but I don't mind as the flow is nice and clear / orange is a really nice colour.

Yup, I'm taking my Yellow/Red off the shelf. Or should I?

its your choice - do what you want

Anson Cheung said:

Yup, I'm taking my Yellow/Red off the shelf. Or should I?

they certainly made red / clear - because i have 2 of the bottles.

thought i only had 1 but getting it out of a cupboard today i discovered 2 of the things!

my only duplicate.

one definitely came from an astro baby - the other probably a telstar.

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