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today i bought a purple glitter grande for $25. it was supposed to be new in box. i looked at it in a dark garage and it looked fine.it was clear. when i got it home and put a blub in it it went cloudy. there is a filming on the glass and tons of little bits of white fluffy moldy looking stuff floating around. it still seems to be sealed. i cant barley even see the glitter and what glitter i can see doesnt even look to be silver. it looks irridescent. i thought all grandes had silver glitter? and i didnt even know a glitter could go cloudy! ive been scearching og for and hour and have not found any info...HELP PLEASE!!!!

this is my 3rd bad buy in a row! geez...(hand smacks forehead) :(

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my order from magma tower just arrived but they didnt send my aqua blue dye pack! Grrrrr.... :-/

If the bulbs say UVB on them, they will eventually fade the lamp. UVB bulbs are made to provide for reptiles that need not only heat, but vitamins provided by the sun to process their food. Like bearded dragons, iguanas, and tortoises. However, those bulbs usually cost 2 to 3 times what the regular heat bulbs are. Also, many of the specialty reptile bulbs are made in the spiral fluorescent style now anyway. They are more economic and environmentally friendly. They also run about $15 to $20 a bulb. If your bulb is listed as UVA only, or does not have a UV listing, it will not fade your lava lamp any more than a regular 100 watt would. Tiff, I now have four grande and giants running on the 100 watt heat bulbs that are NOT UVB and there has been no change on colors. Chances are, if your like me anyway, if you shopped around for the cheapest 100 watt... It won't be UVB.

ohhh okay so i just looked it up... and your right Jen! the bulb i bought emmits low levels of UVA only (and it was the cheapest lol) no UVB at all. black lights also emmit UVA and at higher levels then the bulb i bought so that means...if a black light doesent fade a lamp than neither will this bulb! just to be clear its the zilla brand daylight white pictured above.


still pissed i didnt get my aqua dye pack :(

I just got a Grande from Steph and it looks just like this. Very odd. I bought it with plans to dump and goo kit but was wondering if this actually used to be a blue or if this was one of those off the wall color combos that never made it to the LL list? Doesn't look like glitter at all. Does it actually break down like this? Looks like sugar. Cap reads H6835  1.5 KO24 9/16/2003

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