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Well, this was definitely Not a good way to wake up at 0330 on a fricking Monday morning...  I guess I had a flaw in the glass that went unnoticed, until this morning anyway.  Now that it’s daylight, I better go see if it’s still raining in the basement.

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i would not worry about it if you have a HUMUNGO, 
It was made with German Glass and is a lot thicker

The Lamp Caretaker said:

WOW!!! What a nightmare mess if there ever was. I leave my HUMONGO running for days at a time and may have to rethink how many hours I let it run at any given time.  I'm wondering if you left the air conditioner on and the change in overnight temp caused the temp to drop slightly and that's all hot glass needs to pop.  Makes me wonder if this is the reason the 4ft. lamp was dropped from production.  HMMMM

Agreed.  I have had both the Colossus and the Humungo and the Humungo was much heavier, best flow I have ever seen too.  

Oh Doc, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that in the last two day, I'd be able to... well, at least buy a couple of big coffees at Starbucks!

Dr. WHAT?! said:

God lord, looks like something out of Dexter!!! So sorry for your loss and mess Kelly :(

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