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Has anyone noticed the sale for these until 12/20.
Is ir worth it? Had problems with them before. Are they any better now. If yo have a bad one or two how do you move them or get rid of way too heavy 11o pounds!!!

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I got one recently. It's really huge, people who walk in my living room can't believe it.

It runs good. It has a dimmer built in so you can leave it running all the time without overheating.

I'm going to swap out the lava for a different color.

If you ever wanted a giant Lavalamp, this may be your last chance (it has been implied that they are discontinuing them). Even if you get a bad one, you can always just get a GooKit and refill it.
thanks for the info on this! What color did you get? How long did it take after you ordered it online from Lavalite? Is shipping like $100? Also how in the world do you take the cap off with pout breaking the glass?
Sorry for all the questions but your info is most appreciated!!!!
I got it free from a restaurant that was closing down. The color is a gross pink that would be nice in a little girl's room.

The cap looks like thin tin with a rubber plug below it. I'll cut a slit on both sides of the metal with a Dremel and simply peel it back. I'll glue a glass disk on the top with some aquarium silicone after I replace the lava.
Sheesh, even at $500 it seems like a lot of money for a glass bottle filled with wax and water! Don't get me wrong - I'd love to own one, but unfortunately I'd never be able to justify the expense... maybe they'll be $250 in a few more months...?

Can you still get globes for them?
Even at $1000 it's worth it. But at 1/2 off it's a no brainer. If you don't like the color or the flow, replace with Gookit; you still saved $$$$$ and got the custom color you wanted.

The pictures of people sitting next to them do not do justice to just how big these things are.
How hard is it to take the cap off???? How do you do it. I have a colossus that has the seal being sucked in but has not fallen into the water. I would like to but a couple colossus is there a chance any are good. It seems that the yellow/blue is one that does not leak dye ... do you agree. I have had probs with the yellow purple ... I know the first run was good but those are long gone.
Also they changed the base on these and went to a different bulb so how do you deal with that on the first batch as the bulbs are gone?
Is the shipping free for the $500 colossus?
Also am I better off getting it though Lava Lite or through someone like http://www.d4electronics.com/colossus/

Thanks for all your info guys!!
The cap is just thin metal. Take a Dremel, make a few slits and peel it back.

At the dollar store, they have lots of glass mirror discs. Find the matching diameter and glue it down with silicone made for aquariums. You can cut it off with a razor if you ever want it open again. I would just forget about the rubber stopper altogether.

The bulb looks like just a regular 200w reflector bulb like you would mount in a ceiling fixture. Because it has a built in dimmer, finding the exact replacement is probably not critical.

Does anyone out there have a colossus that works that is not from the first batch. How many colussi were made. I hear they will not be made once gone?????

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