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Found oozinggoo.com when I was looking for ways to repair the Grande I picked up at CostCo a few years ago.  It's one of the Chinese made ones that has gone extremely cloudy and ceased to flow (going to try replacing the fluid one of these weekends). 

It was here that I found out about really big Lava lamps.  I was bowled over by videos of the  Colossus lamps and really want to see if I could get one, I couldn't find them available anywhere so I wrote LavaLite.  I wanted to let this group know what I got this from Lava Lite today:

We have a special promo on the Colossus for serious buyers.   This will be the last time the Colossus will be seen.

Please see attached promo sheet with pricing included.

If you are interested please contact on my direct line at 630-496-6663.


Best regards,


Susan Michaels

Customer Service Representative


630-496-6663 direct line



Sadly these prices are outside of my discretionary funds, even though they include shipping.  I post it in hopes that someone here may be interested.


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I think they are meant to ebb and flow some not run constant like a 32 oz lamp does.  I have noticed mine is quite affected by room temps and moving air

i have been watching the room temp today too. As it dropped when sun left the windows, my globe went cold. I have geothermal  heat,,,which is forced air that is always moving air thru the house.  Worst case for it i suppose. It is not near the vent.

mine is right inside my front door and it still recovers, like I said, I don't think this large of a lamp is meant to have "even" flow and they all flow different

Right now mine it doing a large undulating sculpture in the middle but I know in 30 min it will be flowing like a normal lamp does and at some point I will be able to see the coil and it will act like it is too hot

that is EXACTLY what mine did the first run,,but i can't find the setting to make it do it again. I make tiny little moves with the knob  trying to find it again.

ours is slightly different every day and it depends on room temp, some times it's slightly below the 6 oclkock sometimes slightly above

what are you watching for to set it?

if it holds one thing for too long, if it is just a column for 3 hours we turn it up the width of the white mark we made, if we see the coils for too long we turn it town the same width

I woke up this morning to 2 boobs sitting at the bottom, off the coils. I turned it off completely because we left for vacation. It was definitely too hot; it was about 107 degrees at the top. The other issue is my basement thermostat drops off overnight which messes with everything. It ran great til about 6am and then a few hours later, I got boobs. It seems like the globe sweet spot is 103-105 degrees. I strongly recommend the infrared thermometer. Takes a lot of the frustration & guesswork out of the equation. This photo was about 3am.

Gwen - where does your *clock* start -- 12 or something else?

Both my purple/yellow and clear/red run best between 7 and 8 o'clock.  My *clock* starts at 1 o'clock (ON) and ends at 11 o'clock (FULL BLAST).

No complaints on my clear/red - it runs over 24+ hours with the most beautiful flow on MANY cycles now. 

I have been carefully working with my purple/yellow for about 5 weeks now.  Verdict is still out, but it is improving.  It's last run went for 24+ hours with no stuck flow, albeit slow, dimmed to 6 o'clock during the night.  But no stuck flow is certainly progress!  

Tonight, I decided to change the 250w Phillips bulb in my purple/yellow to the Bulbrite 250w red heat lamp bulb that I've been using in my clear/red all along.  

My clear/red has been FLAWLESS.  It responds very quickly to dimmer switch adjustments with this Bulbrite red heat lamp bulb.  The Phillips bulb doesn't respond the same way in my purple/yellow, *Don*, so I decided to see if it will make a difference.  I changed the bulb and started the purple/yellow a couple of hours ago.  I'll let you know how it it goes.  I'm hopeful...

Like Bridget and Critter, I'm getting a replacement globe -- purple/pink.  They are also shipping some 250w bulbs to try with the purple/yellow.  I hope I get it figured out before they arrive.  :>)

For now, I'm starting both the clear/red and purple/yellow in the FULL BLAST position, once they start flowing, I drop them to the 7:30 position.  I know the clear/red will be perfect.  Let's see how the purple/yellow does with the Bulbrite red bulb.

I love the Colossus, and Lava Lamp has been great to deal, but this website and you fine folks have really made a difference!  Thanks!

Gwen Williams said:

I have mine at around 6 oclock 24/7 currently

my bulb actually turns on at about the 2:30 to 3 with the dial starting straight up and down, however my room temp is usually closer to 80-85 than the 70ish that is optimal.

if mine hits 100 deg,,,it is overheated. It runs good at 96-97.  That could be different thermometers though.

Ben Timerman said:

  It seems like the globe sweet spot is 103-105 degrees. 

And in my old house, night time temps drop to 60 with day time temps in the 70s.  Room temperature is definitely a factor.  I'm so impressed with my clear/red.  You?

Gwen Williams said:

my bulb actually turns on at about the 2:30 to 3 with the dial starting straight up and down, however my room temp is usually closer to 80-85 than the 70ish that is optimal.

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