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Ok, just so you know....this is a rant. So if you don't want to hear me gripe and complain,stop reading now. But if you have ever ordered something from e-bay and gotten nasty dirty junk like I have, then read on!
Ok, this has happened to me before....but this time I just snapped!
I won a lamp on e-bay. It looked fine in the photo. But when I got it in the mail it was the nastiest, grungiest, cruddiest (are those even words?--I'm so mad that I can't tell) lamp that I had ever seen!!!
It was owned by smokers....but don't think that I am hating on smokers....I smoked for years and quit only a few years ago. But the dang thing was so covered in tar that it took me over an hour to clean it all off. And it stunk! Really stunk... I had to leave it out on my porch for two days before I could even bear to clean it....stunk!. And as an icing on the cake the seller wrapped the globe in TAPE!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF TAPE! One hour of cleaning off the nicotine and one hour of picking off the tape and scrubbing the sticky crap off and I am beyond PO'd!!!!! Oh, did I mention that they mailed it sitting on the base? and that the globe hit the bulb and shattered it and I had to get pliers to get it out?....and that I cut my finger? and that when you get cleaner used to take off sticky tape crap in a cut made by a broken bulb that it hurts?!?!?!?!? Did I mention that?
Now I know that not everyone can be Mr or Mrs Clean....but can't people DE-SCUZZ THEIR CRAP BEFORE THEY MAIL IT? Sheeeshh...it looks like it came from the town dump!
Ok, I do feel better now. And the lamp has a new bulb and is plugged in and is running quite nicely. And it IS the lamp that I wanted. So will I send a nasty e-mail to the seller?.....no. Will I light a candle by the lamp (still smells like smoke) and sit back and enjoy the lava?...yes. Has this happened to me before?...yep. Will it happen again?...probably.
So now that I've gotten this off my chest, it's YOUR turn. Tell me about the things that you ordered from e-bay that wern't QUIIIITE what you wanted. Go ahead....gripe! I did and I feel much better now....thanks. Ahhhh...it is a pretty lamp.

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You are right Bert, there are good people and there are bad.

Just a few

Dino Cookie Jar

Let's wrap fragile porcelain in newspaper

Betty Boop

Not enough packing-obviously

and with cap left on

Beavis and Buttherad 14"


This takes the cake.

Not individually wrapped pieces=Sent as it sits on shelf

Base dislodged and damaged base

globe leaked out

Vandoor Batman 

(Allegedly never opened) 

And this must have been the worst time consuming purchase I ever made

I had all three sizes but lacked the Grande size

Couldn't buy one when they were available on Lava Lamp website and had to use Amazon

First shipment cloudy

Second return came dented with good globe

third return came with good base-cloudy globe

Amazon finally stopped service and refunded money

Thank god for Susan at Lava Light

She went to back of warehouse, found one, and sent me one that was perfect.

She also got a HUGE gift basket

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