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Any lamp is fair game now, not just the beatles and harley lamps. This thread has grown far beyond my expectations! 0.0

I really dont understand why these are always listed for ridiculous amounts. I see them all the time for $100 buy it now. I have a harley lamp and I want to sell it because I dont like it. Someone locally tried to sell me a beatles lamp for $100. Are these people nuts? Why do they all seem to list them for stupidly high prices?

Anyways I thought it would be fun to see who can find the most over priced harley davidson or beatles submarine lamp.

I am setting the bar really high.


$274.99 Buy it now.

$26.99 Shipping.

$301.98 Total

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$1,000 mathmos lunar wired for the U.S.. Guy obviously doesn't want to sell it or else he would make it a bid and let the collectors go to war.. That's just way to much.
I am surprised that it hasn't sold. $1000.00 including shipping is the best price I have seen on a mint state side Lunar.
Way more than I would pay for it. You could fly to England, buy one, and maybe have a little left over. Don't know much about mathmos lamps.. Guessing lunars are discontinued?
Long discontinued. Even in the UK they bring $600 plus for average condition. Buying one out of the UK and shipping it state side usually gets to the $1K range.

I agree Critter...

Knowing how difficult it is for you guys to get Mathmos lamps let alone a Lunar, I would beg steal and borrow to buy this beauty if I lived in the USA.
Critter said:

Long discontinued. Even in the UK they bring $600 plus for average condition. Buying one out of the UK and shipping it state side usually gets to the $1K range.

That Lunar is a relative bargain. If I had the means I would buy it immediately.

I can confirm that $1,000.00 USD is NOT a bad price for a good condition Lunar.

I have purchased 10 Lunars from the UK in the past 7 years and my least expensive one still cost me a total of $950.00

I sold a USA wired Lunar on Ebay last year ( auction style ) for $990.00

I will not do that again as Paypal and Ebay charged me about $150.00 in fees!

If you live in Europe it is certainly possible to find a Lunar for less money, but if your located in the USA then you will have a VERY hard time obtaining one for less than 1K.

It cost's about $250.00 USD just to safely ship a Lunar to the USA and then you may or may not receive an additional customs fee of about $75.00.

It  takes a certain level of craziness to want to spend 1K on a Lava lamp, however the Lunar is worth it as it is far superior to other lava lamps.

The only lava lamps that I would rank higher than a Lunar would be an Imperial or a Crestworth Princess both of which are extremely expensive and nearly impossible to find, except for Critter. 

The USA wired Lunar that is on Ebay currently is not in Mint condition.

It has a chip in the cone  and it probably does not have a dimmer switch as the wiring is not original.

Still worth 1K in the USA however.

LOL. Milehigh!

This Lunar is tempting I am sure for many (me included). I just bought a Humungo (thank you again Jim) and I also am in need of a new washer and dryer. I kinda need a new sofa too....because little dogs can damage stuff too not just big dogs who eat shoes. LOL

So this Lunar comes at a time where I gotta be good. I think it is a super nice lamp and at a darn good price.

Milehigh....I think it is mint enough though. That Small blemish on the cone is nothing really. Just turn it around and enjoy!
Thanks critter.. You guys are very knowledgable. Now I know

If the base of this led lamp was made of Gold it might be worth as much as the seller is asking for it.

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