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Hello everyone! I am new here, I happened upon this site while looking for information on the lamp that I have. I now know it is a continental lamp, but I think mine must be a harder to find one. I got it at an auction about 4 or 5 years ago, and I knew that since it was candle powered, it was a rarer one, so I put it away,and forgot about it. i do have several other lamps, and I really enjoy watching them. The lamp that I have has the base with 4 legs. Does anyone know the correct name for it?

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Whoa, first time I've seen anything like that! I know nothing of it, but I know Jonas will. :)
Thanks! I was wondering if it was a hard to find one, I never saw a picture on here or anywhere else like this either.

Yes, it's very, very rare. Never seen one. Not even a photo. If you check our our Lava Library, there's some info on the Continental there, and I think you might have the one that was for restaurants. This might actually be the Savoy.



michelle R yoder said:

Thanks! I was wondering if it was a hard to find one, I never saw a picture on here or anywhere else like this either.
Ok, I will look and see. Thanks again!

Hmmmm.. the one I have is silver tone, not gold. I have another picture, I will post it too so you can see more details.

That is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. Never seen anything like it. But I'm not the authority on lava history - Jonas is. Hoping he'll see this in the next day or so. :)
*Sigh* Wish they could make stuff like this nowadays...

The holy grail of Continentals! I've always wondered if this lamp actually existed!

This is the first known example of this lamp to surface. Congratulations!!

Here is a picture from a 1966 sales brochure that shows this lamp. I belive that Jonas has a picture of one also.

I will pay you what ever you want for this lamp!  :)



Hi! Thanks for the info, I don't want to sell the lamp at this time, but I appreciate your offer! I hope Jonas puts a picture up so that I can compare it to the one I have.Thanks again!


Now that's cool!

One of the last lava mysteries is finally solved!

The other Consort "Holy Grails" are the Meditation lamps (Christian or Jewish) and the "Happy Occasion Pack" (see below).


Another unseen "holy grail"  that comes to mind is the early Century lava lamp with the one piece spun aluminum base with the switch mounted in the base. As far as I know, no example of this particular Century has turned up yet.

Thank you so much for posting this. I've updated my own personal "History of the Consort" document with these pictures

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