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Does anyone know anything about these lamps? I think they look really cool and I want to buy one but they are very expensive and dont show up on ebay very often. Googling doesnt turn up any info on them. I am wondering when they were made, where they came from, and what colors were made, but I cant find anything on them.

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Do you know if they are commercially available anymore? I want to get one so bad! I think those are some of the best looking lava lamps I have ever seen. I would like to get all three in the last picture you posted so I will keep watching ebay. I am hoping to come across one in a yard sale or something. I have searched yard sales for 3 days now and I have yet to come across a single lava lamp!
Don't give up on the yard sales just yet, after a few weeks of nada I ended up with 6 last Saturday, with only one of those a dud,. All USA made, each 10 bucks or less.
Any tips? I can only seem to find old ladies selling clothes and other old lady things. I drove around all friday, saturday, and sunday looking at garage sales and nothing. I just graduated from college and I am taking it easy for a while before I go back for another degree so I got all summer to search for lamps!

I managed to get a blue psychedelic swirl off of craigslist but some moron took a grinder to the lid and grinded the paint off of the top! It also doesnt have its original globe but hey its still a vintage globe. Over the past two months only 3 lava lamps have been listed on craigslist.
http://tulsa.craigslist.org/clt/1690817804.html <--- a "kicker" etched lava lamp
http://tulsa.craigslist.org/for/1712132219.html <--- The swirl I bought
http://tulsa.craigslist.org/hsh/1721734061.html <--- I am not interested in glitter lamps

I also checked out every thrift store in a 30 mile radius from my house and I only found a single hot rocks lava lamp and was all beat up and they wanted $15 for it...

Wow I have gotten off topic! I am hoping to find one of these at a local store/yard sale/craigslist/etc, maybe I will get lucky.
Yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores & craigslist are a bust here in KY. I have to depend on eBay for lava finds :( Don't give up, you'll come across some in time!
Success!... Well sort of. I found a lava lamp at a flea market for $10 but the color of the globe seems to be off. I think something happened to the colors and they changed from their original colors. I think it used to be lime green lava with clear liquid. http://www.lavalites.com/midnight.html model 8419.

Any ideas on what to do with this lamp because the colors look pretty crappy when its in motion.
I found a use for this lamp. I swapped the globe I got with a blue swirl lamp and put it in the black base since thats the base it originally came from, it is a dark blue color with purple lava. I added 2 drops of blue food coloring to my new globe and put it in the swirl lamp since it looked close to what originally came with the swirl lamp and the results look great!

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