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I bought this Crestworth lamp from my local car boot sale today for £3! 


At first I walked past as I didnt recognise the shape but after a second look and a quick look at the base realised it was a Crestworth. What interests me most is the fact that the top is a different shade of pink to the base, anyone know if this is typical?


(The glitter bottle didnt come with it, it had a cloudy orange/clear bottle on it)

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Hi, it has a 1.11.1992 date sticker on the base. It seems to be in lovely condition apart from the colour difference. Nice to find something a bit different to the usual Jet's I come home with every week.
Yes, it is the white cap version with a vertical ridge texture. The liquid is cloudy but might try and cycle it for a while to see if I can bring it back to life.
wish i found jets at my local boot sale every week :(
only ever found one mathmos - a clouded up astro. this week i saw a strange mini astro copy from china - like 6 inches high, but passed on that.
I've found quite a few over the past 3-4 years. Here is a photo I took of my car boot finds last year. I've probably acquired another 10-15 since. I think you just need to get there early enough and be lucky. I know there is at least one other lamp buyer on 'my patch' lol
i'm green with envy!
My mate snatched a green mathmos glitterball (2 quid) last year and I was at the same sale. Drat!
Nice find indeed, i've one in the gun metal.
great finds martyn, my local boot sale is great but have only seen 60s astros there. ive just bought a crestworth traction engine lamp from a retro shop in newcastle for £20. Do you know if thats a good buy? am holding on to it for now.
Hi Chris, 20 quid for a traction is pretty good going. notmally the bare min for these on 'the bay' is about 25. and i've even seen them go for over 60 quid on occasions.


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