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This has been annoying me and I'm curious if anyone here can shed some light onto my galaxy question...


I now know there are two different Galaxies. The most common type has shorter fibres and has a white power supply lead.

The other type has much longer fibres which almost touch the inside of the dome and dont appear to droop at all. This type has a black power supply lead.


For ages I thought mine had had a re-fill, but then i noticed three others with the longer fibres. Then i noticed the power lead colour difference. all the ones I have looked at comply with the lead colour difference.

So now I am convinced these two types were made at different times to each other.


Basically i'm just curious to know 1) which model is earlier and 2) how come you dont see the same number of the two types  and 3) why there are different types at all

I'm assuming the answer to question 2 is that the longer fibre ones had a shorter production run. but how come? did they get superceeded by the shorter fibre ones or vice-versa?


obviously it doesnt really matter but i am intruiged and would like to know!

will add pics later on :)

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I have a long spray version - with black power lead - mine came with original Crestworth box and stand, so perhaps it is the earlier version.

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