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I recently found a crestworth lava lamp at an estate sale.

It had some minor damage to its top, and the gel was not "melting" like it was supposed to.

The only two options I had we're:
1 resell it and hope that the cap damage caused the pressure issue.


2 emptying it and replacing the goo.

The glass is 1/16' thick, so if I were to reveal it, the likely hood of me being able to open it again are slim to none.

Needless to say, I just opened the lid without issue.

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Miles.  I sent you my email address.  I have restored both the Imperial and a Rocket / Princess.  I can help you some.

The stand was 3 legs and brown in color
Definitely the Imperial modle, I haven't received an email.

Mine is cutthroatmma@gmail.com
Check your friend requests
It's 8" around and 24" tall

Yep....that's the cylinder of an Imperial.  Sent you an email.

What are the dimensions of a princess?
205mm diameter cylinder (slightly larger than an Imperial by a couple mm) and 762mm tall which is basically 30"

After seeing your pictures you DEFINITELY have an IMPERIAL in need of restoration!

I can't think of anyone better to advise you on this than Critter!


Good luck with the restoration and if you decide to sell please let me know.

Oh. Cool you got the pics posted.

The easiest restore option would be to empty it's contents and refill it with glitter.

I think it would look awesome using fast moving large square holographic glitter from Kirk - 



There were some Imperials that were filled with glitter instead of lava  - 



I could probably salvage the wax.....but hard to tell from the pics.

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