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Hey all, I am living in a 3rd floor apartment in NYC, and its basically 80 degrees in here all the time even with the AC running. I recently received a red/yellow decorator enchantress just like my grandmother had but was hoping for the same majestic and slow flow that she had, but due to the heat, and her having central air and a habit of keeping her home at 69 degrees, mine looked quite unlike hers.  I am a purist at heart, but also prefer the best flow possible in my lamps so I bought a dimmer and must tell you it is MAGIC. I dimmed it just slightly and the flow is perfect!  I highly recommend you get one for your lamp if yours tend to run to hot and break up into too many balls etc.  Just thought i'd share!   Keep cool ~Kyle

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Beautiful lamp Kyle. :) Thanks for sharing the pic. Some of my lamps definitely need dimmers, but I can't be bother to attach 6" more of cord to them. I wish there was a dimmer built IN to the cord though.
Just wanted to chime in on this! For those less inclined or maybe just don't want to hassle with installing a dimmer, there are dimmer switches that you can plug into! I have one I bought from RadioShack many years ago to regulate a soldering iron for under 10 bucks!

Fellow NY'r here on the island and let me tell you, I can't get my place the past 3 days under 80 with the AC's blaring. I use my glitter lamps more often in summer than the lava lamps. If I used my lava lamps I only use 52oz or 32oz varieties. There is no way in the world I am using grandes in this weather. They are like mini heaters.

IMHO EVERY lava lamp 32oz and up should have a dimmer installed.

seasons change, temperatures vary, ceiling fans blow

For the Avid collector, the number of lava lamps in the room grows

Options are external, internal and line cord 

The choice is a personal preference (in addition to the amount of available room inside the lamp)

For a simple plug-n-play dimmer, you have this choice

For the "Special ' lamp or the person that just loves remotes, you have this choice

An affordable alternative for someone with some mechanical/electrical skills.

You can install this type of inline dimmer

another option is to simply change the power cord and use this type of rotary dimmer assembly

(I like these and use them a lot for up to 52 oz and specialty lamps)
It actually cheaper to buy the line cord assembly than it is to buy just the dimmer

For those lamps that have the room for an internal rotary dimmer, use this one, which is good for up to 200 Watts:

For Royals, Grandes, and Colossus, I use these 500 Watt dimmers.

When available, these 220 volts / 2000 watt dimmers work well but are only 1000 Watt @ 120 volt

(I also use them in some EU lamps that are on converters)
They are also incredibly small

Their dimming ability at a lower 120 voltage is not entirely linear in operation and most changes in brightness occur from 1/2 to full.
Their affordable price & excellent quality cannot be beat

I've used them for years where applicable and have never had one fail


For those that want a Grande-sized lamp with a remote that will actually change the color of the goo and make it strobe, fade, flash or change the color from your recliner to a different static color as your mood dictates, I have two of these complete custom lamps left for sale.

One Silver and one gloss black

Check all videos for different modes of color changing


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