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I've recently seen some lamps on e-Bay get bid up pretty high. Here's a link for another example of it. Does anyone know why this color combo is so sought after or if it's rare? Geez...


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It's orange.....orange lava is very hard to find. (Hummmm.....I may sell mine!)
This is a re-list. I have seen the exact pictures before along with the "instruction card not included" caption. Same seller as well. Looks like that last "winning bidder" failed to meet that mark.
Oh man, this is one of the ones that I saw before then. $400+?? Was it this one? Bohdan said it's only a 25 that's been sun baked... wow...
I think it was. A link was posted here about it a while back just like it was again this time. My guess is the winning bidder backed out.

You can clearly see it has/had purple fluid in it. Not that rare at all.

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