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What do I need to use to filter some of my lamps that I cant seem to clear up?

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A filter pump. To be exact, this --> http://cgi.ebay.com/MSR-MiniWorks-Water-Filter-Backpacking-Camping_... MSR is the brand you want.
Hi Tim.
My Grande was filtered with the MSR Pump. It is expensive but it pays.
Here are the results:

Is the non-EX model still available?

I was just trying to find out this same thing. 

Doesn't seem like MSR offers a non-EX model anymore. However, i'm no expert. 

On the MiniWorks EX, I thought MAYBE you could remove the carbon part/chamber/whatever from the ceramic filter........Amazon describes it as "ceramic/carbon".....but i'm not so sure it's possible. 

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info, either. 

Well, it IS an Amazon PRIME item (free shipping!) so I'm thinking about putting it on the credit card so I can examine it up close, using it (if I can), and then 'deciding' it didn't suit my needs & return for a full refund. I LOVE AMAZON.COM  ;)

Shhhhhhh.....don't tell anybody.

I ordered the EX and also a replacement non-EX filter to put in it.  Should do the trick.  Haven't yet received it.  

Hmm. My Miniworks EX and spare filter arrived. The spare filter doesn't say "EX" anywhere but it does say in the fine print it has an "activated carbon core" with .2 micron retention, same retention as the EX. What the heck?

I'm now using MSR gravity flow.
It works very well and very fast, except when there is bubbles in it, (which happens very often), in this case it is slow).

You can buy the full kit (expensive)

or do like me: just buy the cartridge, and make your own kit:

Less fancy, but much cheaper :-)

You clever bastard, you.

Does that filter have any carbon? Should I care if mine does?


This filter is ceramic only (that's good for our use).

If yours have carbon, I wouldn't use it for filtering a lamp.

Most Gun, or sporting goods stores carry the ceramic ones. At lest mine do here

Filtering has been challenging for me, too.  I used the Miniworks EX, and Ben, I discovered it removed some of the color in the liquid and sometimes it caused lamps to stop flowing.  Several times I had to use the concentrated salt solution to get lamps flowing after filtering with the EX.  :>(

Thanks to Astralav and this discussion, I got the MSR Autoflow Gravity filter.  It works GREAT!  I've used it on several lamps now from Vintage to China -- no color loss and lamp flow after filtering is unaltered.  It's not as fast as pumping the liquid clean, but it does such a super job that I don't mind waiting.  :>)

I highly recommend this filter!

And I'm tempted to use it on my cloudy, but excellent flowing Mediterranean.  But I'm scared I'll screw it up!  :>)

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