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Since I first started collecting lava lamps, I have been dreaming about finding a giant. I remember seeing them as a little kid, my local spencers had them. Anyway, yesterday I went to Dave and busters with my family and found a listing along the way. I called them right away, and picked it up. Its from august 2000 (according to the base) It's in great shape, although it needs a bulb. I can't wait to get it flowing. Here's the listing photo, and one I took. I know the pictures are bad, but I just had to post something. Im so excited to run it! Hopefully I'll have the time soon. I don't like running lamps unattended, and I have a very intense course load this semester.

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Here's the pic in the car. Ignore the spilled popcorn :)

You seem to have a special knack for finding great bargains!

I won a clear/red Giant at Dave and Busters about 15 years ago for 19,000 tickets.

It cost me around $300.00 to get that many tickets but it was fun.

nice!  excellent price!

Awesome!! I'm looking for a clear/red Giant I want one bad! LOL. What a GREAT price!! I'm sure you'll love it but if not I'll be glad to take it off you're hands! LOL

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