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This is a 20" Enhance Liquidteck Clear glitter lamp which needed some help badly.  The liquid was dingy and the cap was corroded.  Worst part was the decorative cap, which had been jammed down onto the globe somehow, and was also crooked, which had dented it and left a few creases and dings.   It was the dickens to remove and will need to be straightened out, since I doubt I can find an extra cap anywhere.

There is also a "middle cap" which appears to be a heavy bakelite plastic which just sat under the decorative black one, serving what purpose, I don't know.  Notice the hole in the top and the ribbing around the outside.  There are no threads at all inside it.   Under this middle cap was the dreaded white metal cap, that looks like a baby food jar cap, but only about a quarter inch thick.   I used a small flat head screwdriver to pry it (gently) off.   Then just dropped one drop of McCormick Blue Neon food coloring into it while running and it turned a lovely color of sort of teal blue.  One drop was plenty enough.   Now I have to get that white metal cap back on, sealant needed here, and hopefully it won't leak!   I'm stoked and ready to experiment more now!!  Thanks goes out to Jack for his much needed advice!!

Before, After and cap pics:


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Nice job, Libby!  That isn't a "run of the mill" cap either!

Thanks so much, Kirk!   I have no idea "what" this cap is really.   It was a devil, I know that.  If the others are not as bad, I'm ready to filter all my foggy lamps and goo kit a couple!   Any idea what that "middle" cap's use is?  

The middle cap may be just be part of the sealing method they used.  I've never seen one like it before.

It doesn't screw on or anything.  Just "sits there" under the decorative cap.  And it has that hole in it too, what the heck?  I've never seen a weird cap like that either.   It's ribbed too, like you would need to screw it on, but no threads. 

Very cool - I think your new color is a big improvement! How tall is this lamp when it's put together?

It's right at 20" tall, Rob.  I think they came in 16" also.   Jack has some in his pictures and so does the Wizard of Ooze.

Thanks so much for the kind words.  I'm sure it's no big deal to most, it was my first time opening up a globe!  ;-)

I'm so happy you like it and think it's an improvement.

What a great explanation and photos! I enjoy your entusiasm!

You spurred me on, Jack!   I would not have attempted that without you!   Thank you so much!!   I'm stoked and ready to open up another one, two, three, etc.   LOL

Good for you Libby!  I'm curious, does the middle cap fit tight over the metal cap on the bottle?  Just wondering if it help to keep that metal cap in place.

Thanks, Keith!!   That middle cap serves no purpose that I can tell at all.  It just sits on the metal cap, but is not threaded, nor would it hold it if it "exploded."   (Lord Forbid!!!)   And look at that hole in it, that's from the factory like that.  
Keith said:

Good for you Libby!  I'm curious, does the middle cap fit tight over the metal cap on the bottle?  Just wondering if it help to keep that metal cap in place.

Keith, I've been studying this middle cap.   I think it's a spacer.  The shoulders of that globe are sort of high, and without this
"middle cap,"  when you put the black metal decorative cap on, it wobbles.   If you use what I think is now a spacer, it fits perfectly.   Wa La, I think............

My my! See It wasent so bad now was it?!?!!? LOL You now own Mathmos lamps, And many others, And you have opened a lamp.. Your a Goo Head ! lol

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