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After five attempts, I got one that's damn near perfect!!!! Blue wax and clear liquid, this is by far the coolest thing I've ever built!!!
cycles very well and i have the color tone perfect.

I used the retro basic formula.

I call it "G-Force"

Tell me what you think.

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Very cool Kjun - which formula did you use?
Awesome...Can you please tell me how to make them? I have a lava lamp...well not quite exactly...its just glitters, but I want to make one desperately. This is what I have...
give me a few hours.....i gotta go to school now. I'll post a tutorial on this article.
I tried surfin the net but couldnt get wat I wanted. Yours on the oyher hand is simply amazing. Can you teach me how?
Trust me, your better off just buying one. They are really cool, but this was a real pain in the ass to get right.
It is very rewarding. Now that I've got the measurements just right, I can build one in a few hours. There's a lot of experimentation involved.
How you think about use a densimeter to determine the specific gravity of the ooze and the brine? I have the plans of a cheap and easy to build densimeter based on the Hare’s hydrostatic balance also know as Hare’s tube.
I want make my lava lamp using the retro basic formula and would like too much know the experience of other guys working with it.

Kindest regards,

João Roberto Gabbardo

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