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Right, so here is the thing, I have some spare money at the mo, and I was thinking of buying a Grande or a Fireflow. I have been in contact with a trusted seller of Grandes who assures me if there is any problem a refund or exchange wont be a problem.

I also fancy getting a Fireflow, not sure what one yet, as long as it is turquoise.

might sound like a minor dilemma, perhaps I should have made this a blog post.

I can't make up my mind.


1. Looks impressive if you get a working one.

2. Same price as an Astro.

3. Can put a Santa hat on it at Christmas.

1. Looks like crap if it doesn't work.

2. Same price as an Astro...

3. People might think I am over-compensating...


1: It's made by Mathmos!

2: Nice conversation peice as it is tea light powered.

3: Could take it anywhere!! Even camping!

1: Not cheap.

2: It's tea light powered and only lasts around 3 hours.

3: Might burn tent down.

I don't know!!!

My head hurts.

Let me know your experiences with Grandes and Fireflows. Help me make this decision.


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Does look nice, actually looks like a science experiment.. like the look of the rocket one too.
Unfortunately I don't have much chance of getting a giant as I live in Scotland, and I cant really afford a lunar, although I would love one.
this is a list of what thy have. Fluidiums are cool!

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