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Hi everyone!

How do I go about getting a goo kit. I see that they are quite nice!!



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I would hold off until someone mentions where they have gone. The site doesn't work right and the shop page has hardly anything on it. They are not answering calls and so on. I would not give anyone any money until we know what is going on to be honest. Nothing against them, it's just not good practice to send money to someone/something you can't get in touch with.
Thanks for all the info guys! I checked the site seems they are making changes to the site but seems like you can still order stuff. But I think I will hold off till I know that everything is on the up and up!
I totally agree with you Kris, but I ordered my kit last month with no communication from them and received it 2 weeks after hitting the Paypal button. My guess is that they are just busy attending to other business. I know selling Gookits aren't the only thing they produce.
I'm finally ready to get a goo kit but the site has changed everything around - there's nothing mentioned about how much wax you need now so I don't know what to order... I want to do a grande and an astro bottle. Anyone have any idea what to order from the new shop?
From the Goo Kit brochure:
"We include enough goo for you to refurbish one 250oz lamp or multiple smaller lamps."

If I had done things correctly the first time. I could have gotten three 52oz globes out of 1 Goo Kit.

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