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Recent acquisitions from distributor buyout
FYI. Colossus base is being polished and clear-coated with chrome plating of lunar.

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Creating a vacuum when it cools  is safer than having pressure build as it heats up


The issue was attempting to not use the grande cap

For one, anything else will not allow the aluminum deco cap to fit

For Two, whatever else will probably pop off and create damage

the issue i had was the additives in the solution expanded more than H2O

Claude, do you have any glitter lamps in that bunch of mushroom lamps, you know I have a lava version already but would love a glitter version or AT least the bottle to use with my lamp.

I do not know yet, they have not arrived

She did not indicate any specific type of mushroom lamp, other than the shade having a crack where it mounts to the base (which is typical or those lamps)

^^ Let me know if you get a glitter version or at least the glitter bottle on a lamp you might want to scrap. I guess I got lucky the one I found has no damage.

I think i have red glitter fluid from another project

just would have to find a secure container for sending it

New pics of lineup (some will be for sale)

More to come

that one is just polished

the issue with chroming any of these (besides the fact the aluminum alloy is thin and not of high quality) is it has to be done by hand and very carefully acid dipped

Otherwise the acid will eat away the steel bottom

Floyd lamp!?!?!?!

thought that would catch your eye

I think I'l wait to find an airbrush artist, putting a sticker on a  base that costs $120 for an automotive paint job seems like a sin.

I wanted it to match the rear window of the caravan R/T 


Dr. WHAT?! said:

Floyd lamp!?!?!?!

I hear ya lol that would be the best way of doing it. I will enjoy seeing the final results!

Oh ya is the black base with remote the LED setup? how is it working for you?

they work great!

Get what you pay for

The second from the left will be changed out to a decent RF remote as it can only be changed when the bottle is off because the RF signal is weak

These remotes are triple the cost but have strong signal and varied settings for fade or solid colors

I have not figured out how the slide color setting works yet (reading the directions might help) LOL\

And doing a grande is much easier than a Small Heritage

I do'nt know how you fit a transformer, RF receiver/controller, and socket all in that small base and stayed sane.

I'm have a difficult time with the ones i have

Its like assembling a ship model in a bottle

Going to have to be a IR receiver (with small hole in front for the detector) as the cheaper RF remotes are not strong enough to penetrate the aluminum base with RF and there is no room for a decent one

I might put a 12V socket in rear and use external cube transformer to save room and avoid heat damage

Both transformers/drivers in the heritages (2) died already because of heating from the reptile heater.

One exploded the globe because my heat shield was too focused.

I've had no heat, component failure, or operational issues with the grande thus far and can assemble on within an hour and have plenty of room for components

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