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hello dudes

me & hubby got our first goo kit yesterday and made a rather fetching blue wax.

it flows OK, but the blobs are too tight if you know what i mean. and the blob goes up quick and then stays at the top for a while, well until another one takes its place.

what do i need to adjust to make the wax looser and heavier? so i can get teardrop shapes in stead of balls.

As far as I was aware soap & salt work in different ways affecting gravity and surface tension etc. but i assume the surfectant contains both and I think i need to adjust it more finely to get it how i like it.

i of course may be completely wrong! and probably are, thats why i'm asking you guys.



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** The more surfactant you use, the more round blobs will be produced.

** The less surfactant you use, the long stretchy type of blob you'll get.



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