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As my "Bad Luck Stories" thread doesn't have much succes (in a way, it's a good thing!), maybe I'll have a better luck with this one.

Please tell us your good deals, nice founds, and brag about it.

Make us dream! (or being jealous :-) )


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I've had a few (although they may not be exciting to others). I scour eBay like crazy.

This was my last "Can't believe no one bid on it" lamp. My 1972, very rare (and very boring), Lava Lite Commander. I'm guessing most people thought it was a crappy Midnight Aristocrat. In some ways, it is... LOL

You know, if you can filter that liquid it would be a lot clearer, I bet....

Snagged a purple Lava Lite wave for $15 yesterday <fist pump>.  A bit faded so its almost a pink wave, but its still fully operational and seeing as I already have a purple wave, the pink is actually a nice contrast.

My Florence Art Glitter is still one of my supreme scores at $15.  A do quite a few flea markets during the summer months.

Hear we go for me - got a glitter grande / colour changing vortex lamp free form Electric Planet, my green / yellow grande I got for a tenner, I have snaged a couple of free globes from charity shops (give away's).

Blue phycodelic swirl £12 and pink phycodelic swirl £8.00 - these were both imports form Hagerty when they sold some UK wired lamps over hear for a while and I haven't seen any of these lamps come up on ebay since so what a find :)

Just received a Mathmos Astro Red/Violet (the faded liquid is more pale lilas than violet actually).

Good flow, so at 15eur including delivery I think it's a good deal.

Some lucky beggar nabbed a mint in box Crestworth Glitter Telstar on Ebay recently for £15. You know who you are! I don't..

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