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Okay, finally decided to take the plunge and try to gookit some 32oz and 52oz bottles.

I read Dr. What's "HOW TO" and it seems pretty straight forward, but since I am doing 32oz and 52oz bottles, any tips or tricks you guys have specifically for these size bottles?

Based on his post, surf amounts around:

  • 32oz. - 8-10ml
  • 52oz. - 15-17ml

Can anyone confirm the above amounts are good starting points?

Also, I will not color until the goo is in the lamp and warm, so, do I warm up the entire goo and only use what is needed or warm up small amounts at a time and put in?

I won't do all bottles at one time so I am concerned about the amount of goo to heat up per bottle size.

Anything else, I am all ears :)


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I think it is said to heat up all of the goo so that it mixes properly, then use the portion needed for the globe size.

Yea once you add color add a very little bit at a time too much is had to take out I found that out the hard way but have several goo kit lamps if you want to see some finished products ??
Also before you start mark the lava level on out side of bottle so you know where the one lava sat !! I added a little more than they did but who’s going to tell !! Lol
As in for the surf I added a little at a time till it flowed correctly !! It takes time !! And let the lava flow a cycle or two to get it all mixed together and just add tiny amount like they say whatever we’ll start at half that and add a little bit at a time till the flow meets your liking let me know if you got any questions I’ve built probably twenty goo lamps and love them all

Thanks for the input thus far :) Go not here yet :(

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