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I found this grande on Facebook Marketplace and I've can't find what color code it is- Anyone know? The owner says that it's a black clear but I don't think they made black clear grandes! 

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16 is a clear black. Looks like it's from '07
Yeah LavaLite did make clear/black Grandes but they no longer do. I would like to have one but I think most of them are probably cloudy. How does the one you got look?

Definitely clear/black.  Just a little older than mine!

Black/clear grande 3

I've had mine for six years and still perfectly clear

Merry Christmas Gooheads!!!

Looks great! Crystal clear!!
Yes, a great pair. Really loving the one on the right specially.

I picked it up- the liquid isn't cloudy at all but it definitely has color bleed. Talked him down to 40$ bucks though :D

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