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Dose someone know were to get a black lava Grande Giant Lava. I cant find it in stock enywere.


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WOW Ok thanks for the info. I have a Red lava Grande for about one year now and it still is a little cloudy. But it is about 90 % clear. I hope in time it will clear all the way.

What's a bulb extender........maybe post a picture of it?
I just became a vendor for Lava World. I will have a black Grande in my clutches as soon as my shipment gets here. I will be posting it on e-bay and I will let you know when it is listed. I will check it for damage and cloudyness before listing, so only "good" lamps will come from me.
My e-bay ID is 6-ft-under.com1
I should recieve the shipment in a week or so.
I'll keep in touch.
My Giant red/clear never did come totally clear. (I pumped the whole thing 4 times....my arm!!!!) It still has kinda redish water....looks pretty cool though, really sweet flow!
Ok Cool I will look forward to here from you.


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